The Confident Colour of Blue & Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment

Every colour we see instantly triggers an emotion or a memory, even a taste or a smell from our past experiences. They can be extremely important to our sense and perception of a situation.

When cleaning a any general, low risk area, turn to the colour you can trust: Blue. The colour blue is one of trust and honesty which is key to colour coding

When cleaning a general, low risk area, turn to the colour you can trust: Blue. The colour blue is one of trust and honesty which is key attribute to colour coding

The Trusting & Responsible Quality of the Colour Blue

The colour blue is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. The colour blue is linked to people who have confidence in their abilities and are likely to complete a task without making a fuss about it. It is also a colour that offers you a wide open range of possibilities, as we think of the colour blue when we look at the vastness of the sky or the open seas.

In relation to our own colour coding on cleaning products and equipment, the trusting and responsible meaning behind blue corresponds nicely. When cleaning a any general, low risk area, turn to the colour you can trust – the colour blue.

Stay Safe and Look out for a Colour Coded Cleaning Products

When undertaking any cleaning task there are risks of cross contamination. Wray Bros delivers products that have this in mind, with colour coding on equipment and cleaning chemicals letting you know clearly which type of cleaning each should be used for. It’s quite simple to follow and allows you to keep within a safe system of training and cleaning with no cross contamination.

  • BLUEBlue cleaning equipment can be used for any general, low risk areas.
  • Green: Green cleaning equipment is suitable for food and bar use.
  • Red: Washroom floors and sanitary fittings can be cleaned with red equipment
  • Yellow:  Suitable for cleaning washroom surfaces and sinks.

Sample of Blue Colour Coded Cleaning Supplies from Wray Bros

Keep the colour warnings in mind when cleaning. It’s a great way to train cleaning staff and to stay safe. Cross contamination is a problem that many cleaning organisations face and with a simple system of colour coding you can soon eradicate those problems. contact Wray Bros if we can help you further with either advice or training on colour coding.

Never forget the emotional power of colour to provide you with the instinct to keep things clean and uncontaminated.

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Hand Hygiene Tips for All (Even Teenage boys with hands down their trousers)

Not the snappiest headline, but one we though had to be said. We’ve all seen teenage boys with their hands down their pants. Some see it as a sign of good luck; others just find their hands sitting there naturally, without a care in the world. It’s really a harmless act isn’t it? Two hands up if you agree?

But it does make you wonder about hand hygiene for everyone, not just the teenagers. We’re all aware of the hazards of germs and the places we shouldn’t really be placing our hands, such as the public toilet seat, but there are other hazards around on a daily basis. Things we take for granted that are clean, possibly might not be and good hand hygiene can stop the spread of infection should you come face to face with these hazards.


When it comes to germs and hand hygiene it doesn’t just start and end with public toilet seats and teenage boys!

The Cash in Your Hand

There is currently a debate as to whether banknotes in the UK should be plastic, to prevent them from becoming as filthy as the public perception is of current banknotes and coins, especially ones that have been in circulation for a while.

Cash Machine Paranoia

Much like the buttons of a lift are used and used without much cleaning, bacteria can quickly and easily form on the buttons of a cash machine. You can contact the specific provider of an ATM should you be worried about its cleanliness. It is down to them to clean it.

The Keys to Germ-Ridden Fingertips

The modern office keyboard is potentially filled with harmful bacteria. With people being moved around offices there are sometimes many hands using one single keyboard over time. Sometimes, without proper cleaning, the cracks can become extremely dirty.

Touching the Screen of Your Phone Might not be That Smart

Tablets and smartphones are designed to work with a swipe across the screen, or a quick touch of the fingertips. With many of us using our devices not just at home but on the move, and in-between snacking and using the toilet during the day – the hazards are piling up on the screen.

Be Careful How You Shop with a Trolley

The abandoned shopping trolley isn’t the only one you have to worry about being full of germs. In a recent test, 72% of shopping trolleys were found to have faecal bacteria, with 50% showing traces of E. coli. Shopping trolleys are hardly cleaned, so ensure your hands are.

Is the Sink & Sponge a Good Place to Clean?

You might think that when you clean your dishes at the end of a hard day, that you’re doing a good job. But studies have revealed that up to 80% of food derived illnesses are contracted at home. As people do not regularly clean their kitchen sink correctly, or change their sponge often enough.

Shake Hands with Infection on a Daily Basis

Door handles, petrol pumps, mailboxes, supportive poles on public transport. We touch these things everyday without a care in the world. Over time we have become used to automatic doors, taps and flushes in public places. But they are still not compulsory and we should be more wary of the dangers around us.

Hand washing tips

There are a few steadfast rules when it comes to hand hygiene that we could all do with following:

  • Always wash your hands after using the toilet
  • Always wash your hands before eating
  • Always wash your hands after working with animals
  • Always wash your hands after handling raw meat
  • Always wash your hands after handling rubbish
  • Always wash your hands after contact with someone who is ill
  • Always dry your hands thoroughly

Now you know the dangers of hand hygiene that lurk all around you, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We would never suggest you lock yourself away at home and never resurface. There’s a much easier way than that. Hand hygiene is recognised as the safest and easiest way to prevent the spread of illness. It is a great habit to get into.

Wray Bros provides commercial soap supplies, which includes bulk soap, foaming soap. The skin care soap range caters for all industries, with hotel soap and industrial soap for manufacturing businesses, hand sanitisers for the care sector and sanitising wipes that are a great fit for those worried about their hand hygiene. All-in-all the Wray Bros skin care range can help keep the germs at bay, especially if you ever have to shake hands with a teenage boy.  Contact Wray Bros if we can help with your hygiene challenges.

Behind Branded, Good Value and Cheap Workwear

We all wear clothes at home and at work, well hopefully most of the time we do! Whilst we are not all experts in industrial workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE), we do all have a fair idea of what looks good on us and what feels comfortable for us to wear.

Balancing these factors is a careful consideration to make, so how do you know what you are getting for your money when purchasing workwear? You get what you pay for in most instances and if you buy from a reputable workwear manufacturer, such as Beeswift for safety footwear, Portwest for outdoor workwear and Premier for hospitality uniforms, you can be assured that you are buying quality, robust fabrics that offer real value-for-money.

We have noticed customers move from purchasing the cheapest workwear items to look for product quality and something that will last them longer

We have noticed customers move from purchasing the cheapest workwear items to look for product quality and something that will last them longer

Sometimes it isn’t that simple however. There are different price points within a work clothing range and the scope of pricing might not be that easy to deduce whether the product itself uses raw materials which are ‘good, better and best’. The prices might instead reflect the different features for each product within the range, so for instance some work trousers may include zipped side pockets or pockets in the kneepads, whilst others do not.

So how should you choose your workwear?

You do get what you pay for in the end – and if it fits your specific requirements and lasts, the job is done.

Wray Bros provides a wide range of safety workwear for your requirements as an individual or an organisation. Our team understands that what you wear must meet specific safety requirements for your specific tasks at hand. We also appreciate that you must also be comfortable to be able to perform your duties correctly, and with a smile on your face.

For more information on how to find value in your staff uniforms and work clothes please feel free to contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to offer advice and guidance, either over the phone or face-to-face at our workwear trade counter in Liverpool.

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