High Visibility of a Safe Way to Work – No Matter How You Spell It!

High visibility workwear is an important part of certain businesses where the employees have to be visible at all times to stay safe from harm, from machinery, moving parts and vehicles on site. Sometimes however it can be difficult to completely appreciate and understand what you need – that’s where we come in. Add to that the grammatical confusion we’ve encountered many a time when researching the product – and the many different spellings and abbreviations for ‘High Visibility’.

The Highly Visible Grammar Conundrum

An abbreviation is a shortening of a word or phrase – taken from the Latin brevis meaning short – but even the word itself can seem a little long can’t it? If you were to abbreviate the word abbreviation you could use abbr., abbrv., or abbrev. It’s funny isn’t it how the English language works, and this little quirk can be found even within our own supply range with high visibility workwear.


When looking around for high visibility workwear we’ve seen the following:

Even just looking at that list is a little exhausting but quite entertaining that something so simple can become mangled and misguided over time, especially when you consider different terms and grammatical rules from British English to American English and back again. It does look like someone’s been having a play around with Google Translate for a few hours just to see what’s the weirdest way they can find to say High Visibility Workwear!

The Importance of High Visibility Workwear

When you come to purchase workwear for safety reasons though, forget about how the name itself is printed on the packaging. Whether High Vis, High-Viz or High-Vises infront of you, the important thing is the quality of the product itself and the safety of your employees as a result of that quality.


We’ve touched upon this subject before but it is worth going over once more. There is a balance to be had when purchasing high-visibility workwear and we have a wide range available, so whatever your circumstance and budgets, we will be able to advise you on the right products for you. A perfect example of this is the high vis vest range that starts with the standard 2 band high vis vest right at a basic price right up to an executive high vis vest with radio loops, id badge holder and zip fastening etc that reflects positively on your business.

You will have in mind:

  • The Quality of the Product
  • The Value for Money
  • The levels of Performance and Protection Afforded Your Staff
  • Style & Comfort of Garments

Speak to a member of our customer service team 0151 709 2271 today to discuss your hi-vis or even your high-viz workwear needs. We’re always happy to help.