How to keep a Pub or Club Clean and Fresh – A Hospitable Environment in the Hospitality Trade

As an owner of a pub or a club you know what keeps your business thriving – a great atmosphere, good service and an honest work ethic that transmits itself from the premises, through your staff and onto the customers. You have to focus your energy on offering the best service in your area in order for your business to thrive and cleanliness is a big part of that.

Why You Should Use Industrial Cleaning Supplies to Keep Premises Fresh

Using a bar & catering supplier will provide you with the necessary janitorial equipment, cleaning products and product knowledge to keep your premises in the highest quality condition. With so many different parts of a pub or club to consider, from the welcome area, seating and standing sections, public bathrooms, bar area and food production area and not to mention the need for sparkling clean glasses, you’re going to need different types of product to perform different types of cleaning tasks.

As an owner of a pub, restaurant or hotel you know what keeps your business thriving – a great atmosphere and good service and cleanliness is a big part of that  success.

As an owner of a pub, restaurant or hotel you know what keeps your business thriving – a great atmosphere and good service and cleanliness is a big part of that success.

But why is it necessary?

Prevent a Health Hazard

If you don’t keep things clean and fresh your customers might be facing a health hazard. If hygiene and cleanliness levels are low enough to mean a hazard this isn’t going to look good for your reputation. If your reputation falters the end game is a lower return as customers dwindle and negative word of mouth spreads.

Keep all Areas Fresh and Fragrant

There are so many different areas to consider within a pub or club, especially if you add food into the mix that it can become difficult to put together a cleaning plan that keeps all areas in the highest quality of cleanliness and also returns a fresh fragrance which is pleasant to the noses of customers and staff alike. The catering cleaning chemicals we sell have been developed to not only offer the highest level of cleaning power, but also smell nice – not something you can guarantee with all cleaning products.

Keep Staff and Customer Morale High

How clean your premises are can have a massive knock on effect to staff morale and the happiness of your customers. Happy staff are more likely to work harder, smile more and maintain the high customer service levels you want. This adds to the customer’s experience and will keep them more likely to return again and again. Keeping the customer areas and bathrooms clean will also have a similar affect on custom and reputation.

Prevent Cross Contamination

There are a lot of areas to consider in a pub or club. Bathrooms used to heavy footfall, seating areas where food and drink is consumed and spilled on a regular basis, and behind the bar with dirty glasses, pipes to clean for beer and floors to mop and sweep, the list could go on. Purchasing pub cleaning products for specific tasks will ensure you never cross contaminate from area to area, keeping things clean and hygienic for your staff and preventing risk to your customers. We provide colour coded mops and wipes for different areas of your workplace – it keeps things simple and prevents cross contamination.

Wray Bros have the janitorial supplies plus the know how to help your pub, restaurant or hotel to stay clean and impress your customers.

Wray Bros have the janitorial supplies plus the know how to help your pub, restaurant or hotel to stay clean and impress your customers.

Wray Bros Hygiene & Cleaning Supplies to use in a Bar Area

The customer will walk away if they don’t have a good impression about the cleanliness of where they want relax, eat and drink. Our Jangro cleaning supplies are of the highest quality and can offer you that chance to not only leave a sparkle to wow the customers but also leaves a long-lasting fragrance that informs all that a thorough cleaning has taken place long after the job has finished.

Wray Bros are here to make you look good and have the catering cleaning equipment plus the know how to help your pub, restaurant or hotel to stay clean and impress your customers. For the more information on professional cleaning supplies, e.g. beer line cleaner, worktop sanitiser, stainless steel cleaner, floor cleaner, air fresheners, centrefeed rolls to washroom paper etc and catering uniforms, e.g bar aprons, chefs jackets, staff shirts and blouses contact Wray Bros.

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Jangro is the UK’s leading group of independent distributors of hygiene, cleaning, janitorial and catering supplies with 41 privately owned, regional depots.  It offers the advantages of group buying, local delivery and personal service. For Merseyside janitorial products and staff uniforms Liverpool Wray Bros is your Jangro distributor.

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Employer and Employee Responsibilities to PPE & Workwear

If you work in an occupation that requires you to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) it can sometimes be confusing as to who holds what responsibilities to ensure that you are kept safe at all times.

Many different industries require employees to wear specific clothing or personal protective equipment (PPE). There are different types, that you can find right here at Wray Bros, each with a different intended use. Ensuring that you are wearing the right protective clothing and industrial workwear can make a huge difference to your safety on a day to day basis.

What is down to the employer and what is the responsibility of the employee?

PPE & Workwear for Employer & Employee responsibilities

Learn more about the responsibilities we each have when it comes to PPE and staff workwear

Employer Responsibility

Legally, the employers must ensure that there is suitable work-wear and protective equipment provided should the tasks involved in the job expose the employee to health and safety risks. As well as provided PPE, employers also have a duty to ensure that all staff are fully trained, prepared and supervised. In the event of a hazard risk, or dangerous substances, employees should have all the knowledge, skills and equipment with which to deal with them, provided by their employers.

Any protective equipment or clothing must include clear instructions on how to use them, close at hand and in a simple manner.

All equipment and clothing provided by an employer must also take into consideration comfort of wear. An employee can refuse to wear PPE if they consider themselves to be in danger due to an item of clothing not fitting correctly, for instance.

Employee Responsibility

It’s not just the employer who has the responsibility to provide you with personal protective equipment and safe clothing. You can refuse to work if you believe you have been supplied substandard equipment that leaves you in danger, but you also have responsibilities as an employee too.

  • Remember to look out for yourself first and foremost. If you keep a high standard of awareness and care in terms of your personal space and clothing, others around you will follow suit.
  • Never wear loose fitting clothing, or leave jewellery or hair exposed if you use machinery of any kind in the workplace.
  • Treat your provided PPE with care – do not interfere with it in anyway, potentially compromising its safety and yours.
  • Fully engage with any training provided that instructs you how to properly wear and use personal protective equipment that your employer provides you.

There is always responsibility on both sides when it comes to clothing in the workplace. Safety has to be the most important issue to consider when purchasing PPE. Wray Bros provides a wide selection of workwear, from staff tunics, industrial boiler suits to high visibility clothing including hi vis vests. Our concern is always with safety first. Our personalised print service can add a quality final touch that adds to your brand by adding your logo, but it should never be your main priority.

Take your time to choose your PPE industrial supplies & work clothing that is right for your company, and we can add the final touches once you have decided.

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