Choosing the Perfect Valentines Restaurant

Valentines Day fast approaches and those of us with loved ones are likely to want to treat our significant others to a lovely evening out at a restaurant. As an owner or manager of a hospitality business this time of year can be incredibly busy so it is important to stay on top of the cleanliness and hygiene within your restaurant, to keep your guests wanting to return again and again.

What can you do to ensure this is the case?

For customers to fall in love with your business and come back again make sure the impression on hygiene standards you leave is a lasting one

For customers to fall in love with your business and come back again make sure the impression on hygiene standards you leave is a lasting one

An Appealing Front of House

First impressions are everything and you want your guests to fall in love with the place at first sight. Keeping your entrance clean, tidy and well presented is a good start. The area outside which you are responsible for should also be kept regularly tidied, with entrance floors and barrier mats put through rigorous and regular cleaning regimes.

Inside, your waiting and seating area, as well as the bar and tables themselves should be spotless. Any imperfection can be picked up on so easy in the food and hospitality industry, so it is key you stay on top of everything you can in terms of clean floors, counters and food utensils.

Friendly, Well Tailored Staff

Your staff can make a huge difference to the opinion of a customer and customer service training is vital of course. Attending to a customer’s needs during a meal is a fine balancing act between being attentive and intrusive or even neglectful.

Another way to distinguish your staff from competitors is to ensure they are well fitted out in corporate hospitality wear. A well-tailored uniform allied with an engaging smile and excellent customer service will leave a lasting impression on your guests as they enjoy a romantic meal for two.

A Clean and Appetising Kitchen

The main course of a romantic meal in a restaurant is of course the food itself. The true test of whether you reach the hearts and minds of your guests is to titillate their taste buds. The legalities of a clean kitchen are there for all to see, with health and safety regulations tight. The best way to ensure you have the clean foundations with which to cook is to have in place the kitchen cleaning materials that will keep your kitchen clean on a daily basis.

A clean kitchen and clean equipment will lead to a higher morale amongst your kitchen staff, which in turn leads to a better chance of high quality food being delivered. The last thing you want, or need, is for a dirty kitchen to lead to disgruntled guests and a knock on the door from the health and safety executive.

A Restaurant Should be for Life, Not Just Valentines Day

Choosing the right cleaning supplies and staff uniforms for your hospitality business is vitally important to keep both your kitchen and front of house in tip-top condition. From your entrance to waiting areas, table tops and cloths, bar area and through to the kitchen, a clean environment is an attractive one and your guests this valentines day are more likely to revisit you again and again – making it more than a once a year visit.

Wray Bros supplies catering cleaning products and equipment for the catering and hospitality industries, ensuring that you always comply with health and safety regulations and that your premises is spotlessly clean on a daily basis. There is no excuse for unkempt premises. Make a date with Wray Bros, give our customer service team a call today on 0151 709 2271, visit the Wray Bros website or pop in and chat face to face with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our customer service team.

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