Tread carefully, here’s some tips to buying safety footwear,

It isn’t surprising the number of visitors to the Wray Bros trade counter that pick-up a pair of work boots and have a good look before buying. Some will look at the branding, some will look at the styling, whilst some will ask about the footwear’s protective qualities and all the visitors will try them on to see if they fit and more so how comfortable they are.

Buying safety footwear? Do you look at the branding, the styling, the protective qualities or how comfortable they are? But, do you ever check the tread?

Buying safety footwear? Do you look at the branding, the styling, the protective qualities or how comfortable they are? But, do you ever check the tread?

What is surprising is how few actually look at the tread

Though to be fair, it is a natural assumption that a new pair of safety work boots will provide a ‘good-grip’. As a tip from Wray Bros, always consider the conditions of your workplace and the suitability of the tread for that environment. Another tip would be to ask your supplier for advice and their recommendations on footwear suitable for the job.

Your supplier will seek to determine what your job is, i.e. indoor or outdoor, what surfaces you work upon and what possible contaminants could possibly be found on the floor. For instance, footwear suitable for outdoor use will feature a tread that is more open that copes better with solid contaminants. Whereas, working indoors suits a tighter filled tread that also suits wet contaminants.

Buying Safety Footwear – Get a Grip

Similar to a car tyre, the shape and design of the tread plays a role in gripping on wet floor surfaces.   The purpose of the tread is create a tunnel in which to disperse the liquid and offer its slip resistance effect. The depth as well as the shape of the tread helps with the liquid dispersal and traction.

Don’t forget to ask your supplier about the ‘slip-resistance’ specifications the footwear has been tested to. The European test standards to look out for are EN ISO 20344:2004 (A1: 2007). Footwear which has passed the EN test for slip resistance will be marked with one of the following codes, SRA, SRB or SRC.

The codes confirm the footwear has met the specified requirements for the following:

  •    SRA – tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution;
  •    SRB – tested on smooth steel with glycerol;
  •    SRC – tested under both the above conditions.
Wray Bros will help you choose the right Safety Shoe for the right environment. Call today on 0151 709 2271

Wray Bros will help you choose the right Safety Shoe for the right environment. Call today on 0151 709 2271

As can be seen, the test surfaces do not reflect all possible surfaces your work environment may feature. Why not talk to your safety footwear supplier to ensure you buy footwear which will do the job for you.

Finally, don’t forget to look after your safety footwear. Clean the tread when necessary and replace the footwear when the tread depth shows signs of wearing down. For more information on finding the footwear suitable for you and your workplace please contact Steven at Wray Bros on 0151 709 2271.

The Importance of Washing your Hands as Global Handwashing Day Approaches

October 15, 2015 is Global Handwashing Day!

We all know how important it is to wash your hands, and the majority of us have been brought up to learn how to wash our hands properly after using a washroom and before eating food. The spread of infection can be stopped in its tracks if everyone washes their hands thoroughly on a regular basis and with Global Handwashing Day fast approaching once more there will be millions more children across the world who are taught the importance.


A Little Bit About Global Handwashing Day

October 15th is the day where millions of people worldwide will be motivated and mobilised in more than 70 countries to use soap and water as a key approach to preventing disease through regular hand washing. Global handwashing day is into its 8th year with the motives still the same; educate schoolchildren about the importance of hygiene and how a simple handwashing routine can help stop the spread of disease.

Across the world each year 2.2 million children under the age of five die from either pneumonia or diarrheal diseases. These are the top two killers of children and yet there is a simple and inexpensive way to help combat their threat.

People wash their hands with water but washing your hands with soap as well as water is a great way to cut down the chances of bacteria build up and the spread of infection and disease. If this message can be spread effectively it could help save the lives of countless children worldwide.

Hand Washing & Your Workplace

The perception of a clean environment is an attractive one. The availability of hand soap on your premises is vitally important to keep both your staff and users is satisfied. No doubt, what will keep you satisfied, especially, if you are also responsible for managing the budget is knowing you have a handle what you are spending on soap and getting good value. When it comes to commercial hand soap supplies, it is all about cost-in-use. So if you feel your money is going down the drain, let Wray Bros quote you an option or two that will save you money without sacrificing the quality of soap your users love.

Look out for our follow-up article: Buying Washroom Soap: Choice of Hand Soap Refills

Cleaning Supplies & Guidelines for Schools, Nurseries, Colleges & Universities

Health and safety should always be paramount within any industry and in any company premises, but with the education sector it becomes even more important due to the sheer numbers of staff and pupils and the varying and unique requirements in each and every setting.

Educational establishments are more densely populated than most other working environments. Therefore, cleaning takes on an even greater role, as a way of reducing the risk of infection spreading through germs, dust and soil. It also makes it a harder task to manage and effectively complete and we believe we have put together a range of products and information that reflect this. You deserve the chance to use the highest quality cleaning products that will keep your nursery, school, college or university as clean as new on a daily basis. This includes hand hygiene which is an easy way to prevent the spread of infection. We’ll talk in more-depth about hand hygiene in an upcoming article.

All the school cleaning supplies you find below have been tried and tested over the years and Wray Bros has supplied them to hundreds of educational establishments throughout the UK. You’ll only find high quality cleaning supplies and we’ve maintained a compact product list as we appreciate that in most schools and universities storage is at a premium.

CLEANING CLASSROOMS, CORRIDORS & GYMNASIUM FLOORS: Light soilage use a Neutral Floor Cleaner.  The Jangro version contains a clean refreshing tangerine perfume and is ideal for the daily mopping of floors and suitable for spray cleaning using a high speed floor machine. To use: add 1 part Jangro Neutral Floor Cleaner to 200 parts hot water in a bucket. Mop or wipe surface.

For heavy soilage use a Hard Surface Cleaner. The Jangro version is an extremely versatile general purpose, quick acting cleaner that removes stubborn dirt and heavy grease. To use: add 1 part of Jangro Hard Surface Cleaner to 100 parts hot water in a bucket. Mop or wipe surface.

CLEANING WASHROOMS: TOILET BOWLS: Use a Daily Toilet Cleaner. The Jangro Perfumed Toilet Cleaner is a pH neutral and is safe to use for daily and routine cleaning of toilet bowls, urinals, sinks and baths. Or the Jangro Washroom Sanitiser which is a concentrated thickened acidic cleaner for use on a variety of surfaces that kills odours and bacteria, leaving a refreshing smell.

To use: either Jangro Perfumed Toilet Cleaner or Jangro Washroom Sanitiser flush toilet, apply to interior toilet bowl & under rim. Leave for a few minutes & agitate with toilet brush, reflush toilet & rinse brush.

To clean the toilet seat, handle & around the exterior toilet bowl Spray Jangro Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner and wipe with a clean damp cloth.

Stronger toilet cleaners are available for periodic cleaning, i.e. Jangro Acidic Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover which is a thick bactericidal toilet cleaner with a pleasant violet perfume which is a good descaler and is suitable for both stainless steel and porcelain.

CLEANING WASHROOMS: SINKS & SHOWER AREAS: Spray Jangro Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner sparingly onto surface & wipe with a clean damp cloth. Due to its foaming properties it clings to surfaces to remove limescale, body fat, fungus and stubborn stains.

CLEANING SURFACES: WINDOWS & MIRRORS: Spray a Glass & Mirror Cleaner sparingly and wipe with paper or clean cloth. Look for a Glass & Mirror Cleaner with a high alcohol contents which makes it a better solvent and ensures a quicker evaporation leaving surfaces streak free.

CLEANING CLEANING SURFACES: FURNITURE & DESKS: Spray Multi-Surface Polish sparingly & wipe with a clean dry duster.

CLEANING FIRST AID ROOM & INFECTION CONTROL: Spray a Cleaner Disinfectant onto surface or infected area. Wipe with a clean damp cloth to help prevent cross-infection.

CLEANING FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Spray Cleaner Disinfectant onto equipment & seats. Wipe with a clean damp cloth.

CLEANING CARPETS & UPHOLSTERY: Use an Extraction Carpet Cleaner in conjunction with a carpet extraction machine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

SPOTS & STAINS: Spray a Spot and Stain Remover onto stain, leave for 1 minute. Blot away using white paper towel.

Contact Wray Bros for More Information: If you wish to discover more about our wide range of school janitorial supplies ideally suited for use within the education sector we’ll be more than happy to help. Our customer service team has years of experience and can offer expert advice and guidance based on your specific requirements. Each educational establishment is different from the next and we can help you shape your cleaning regime, tailored to fit your size and budget. Why not visit to open an account for bespoke, discounted prices? If you need more information give Wray Bros a call, contact Steven today on 0151 709 2271.