All I Want for Christmas . . . is to keep my office clean

Not that you hear this being top of anyone’s Christmas list in reality, the state of the office during and over the holiday period, especially if there is a shutdown after the Christmas party, is something that bothers management and cleaning staff. The last thing you need upon your return is a filthy office, unfit to bring in the New Year.

The Right Office Cleaning Equipment for Your Staff

Being fully prepared for the frenzy that surrounds the festive period is a good idea but you should be fully prepared to have the correct cleaning equipment and products in place for your cleaning staff all year round.

Putting together a plan of action helps build a habit, a regular and daily routine of cleaning that effectively cleans the entire office space and keeps the workforce happy in their own personal environments. If you get this right morale will stay high and productivity is always linked to staff morale.

An office party is great for staff bonding but aside from the hangovers make sure the next-day office cleaning doesn't become a major headache

An office party is great for staff bonding but aside from the hangovers make sure the next-day office cleaning doesn’t become a major headache

So what should you be looking out for when considering a plan of action for cleaning your office space?

  • Firstly, consider the dimensions of the office space you will be cleaning. The larger the area, obviously the more product will be required in order to clean it. Also, you should consider the type of furniture in place, the numbers and sizes as that will determine what type of product you will need to use.
  • What sort of equipment will you need? Office space isn’t just chairs and desks, there are often kitchens too (something we’ve talked about before on the blog) so it’s not always as simple as a few standard spray bottles of cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner. You may need different types of hygiene brushes, wiping cloths for different areas and different products for different surfaces. Make a tally of everything you may need.
  • And finally your budget, it’s no good just heading to the local shop and buying the cheapest and most general cleaning product you can find, because in the long run that will eat into your budget a lot more than taking a calm and measured approach when drawing up a cleaning regime. No matter what the size of your budget you’ll be able to purchase specialist products and equipment that will retain a high standard of effectiveness for a lot longer than cheaper brands, save time going back and forth to the shops and can all be bought in bulk to make your money go even further. So take some time to think out a strategy and choose wisely within your budget without panicking.

Keeping Your In-House Cleaning Staff Happy

So, if you want to have the right tools and products at your disposal, ensuring 2015 starts afresh with purpose and freshness, speak to a member of the Wray Bros team today. There is a wide array of office cleaning supplies and pieces of equipment that are suitable for office cleaning. Whether you are in need of a deep cleaning session or products to help with your day to day routine, we’ve got what you’re looking for. For instance, if you are looking to start 2015 with some fresh vigour why not try one of our starter packs? Such as:

  • Cheap Cleaning Chemicals. Contract Range Starter Pack is a basic, no-frills range that includes 5 x 750ml bottles of Washroom Germicidal Cleaner, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Kitchen Sanitiser, Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner, Multi-surface Polish and 1 litre of Toilet Cleaner
  • Professional Cleaning Supplies. Jangro Multi-Pack is a trial pack of six of our bestselling Jangro 750ml cleaning chemicals: Multi Purpose Cleaner, Air Freshener, Cleaner Disinfectant, Multi Surface Polish, Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner and Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser
  • Office Air Fresheners. TCell Air Freshener Starter Kit includes a White Dispenser, two Tcell refills that offers continuous odour control for 120 days.
  • Commercial Air Fresheners. Microburst Starter Kit is an automatic air freshener with a Microburst air care dispenser, batteries and two designer fragrance refill sprays.
  • Office Mop. Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Starter Kit with Handle includes a 10 litre bucket, wringer, microlite mop pad, frame and telescopic handle created specifically for small area cleaning tasks.

If you’re unsure as to what is needed exactly give us a call on 0151 709 2271 or email Steven at and we can offer the advice and the cleaning solutions to fit any office size, style and budget.

5 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas . . . is to keep my office clean

  1. There is always a great junk here and there after Christmas. However, it is easy to get your home and office clean after Christmas. Just call the rubbish removal company and get your premises clean just in no time.

  2. My office was destroyed during the Christmas party, if you think hoovering up broken bits of crisps and pretzels, try getting guacamole out of the carpet! Thanks for this i’ll keep it in mind.

  3. Thank you for this post! I will have it follow. All of us actually must clean our office, especially our restroom. Isn’t it amazing if our restroom or bathroom is clean and very much ready every time we have our visitors coming to our office.

    Leaders of Restroom Hygiene

    • Hi and thank you for your comments. It’s true, we all appreciate a clean washroom but it’s surprising how many people think these things happen by magic. It is often an under appreciated task though one that is quickly noticed when not routinely managed.
      Thanks again for your feedback

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