Hot off the Press -The New Jangro Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue!

  • 4,300 products,
  • Around 500 new lines
  • All enclosed within 164 pages

Say hello to the new, fully colour illustrated Jangro product catalogue from Wray Bros.

If you’re in the janitorial supplies game and are looking for the most comprehensive directory of supplies and safety products then look no further. Nowhere else will you find such a huge array of illustrated product lines, but what can you expect since the last Jangro catalogue you cherished?

Jangro Catalogue has 164 pages covering 4,300 cleaning and hygiene products for the professional

  • Brand new ranges for Washroom Paper Products and Dispensers
  • New air fresheners, hand soaps and industrial cleansers for all types of washrooms
  • An expanded ranges of Floor Care & Laundry Products
  • Brand new Specialist Machinery for Floor Care
  • Brand New Workwear Products
  • Brand New Recycling Bins

As you can see that’s a lot of brand new and expanded lines in the new Jangro catalogue but it’s not all about the shiny and brand new, for those of you who are aficionados of the Jangro line there’s everything you’ve needed before whether you’re looking to restock your washroom supplies or buy products to help with kitchen hygiene, floor care, window cleaning, waste management, nursing care or health and safety. You might also be looking for a fresh load of branded workwear and personal protective equipment for your staff.

Jangro is the UK’s leading group of independent distributors of hygiene, cleaning, janitorial and catering supplies with 41 privately owned, regional depots.  It offers the advantages of group buying, local delivery and personal service. For Merseyside janitorial products and staff uniforms Liverpool Wray Bros is your Jangro distributor.

Jangro Catalogue covers all aspects including Washroom Supplies, Kitchen Hygiene Floor Care, Waste Management Industrial Cleaning & Wiping, Nursing & Care  Health & Safety, PPE & Workwear

What you can find in your new Jangro catalogue and from the Wray Bros website:

Whatever you need, you’ll find it in the Jangro catalogue, and even better, you can get your copy today through us at Wray Bros.

Call us today on 0151 709 2271, email or visit our website at and we’ll help you find all the Jangro products you need to keep on top of your janitorial supplies for the foreseeable future.

High Visibility of a Safe Way to Work – No Matter How You Spell It!

High visibility workwear is an important part of certain businesses where the employees have to be visible at all times to stay safe from harm, from machinery, moving parts and vehicles on site. Sometimes however it can be difficult to completely appreciate and understand what you need – that’s where we come in. Add to that the grammatical confusion we’ve encountered many a time when researching the product – and the many different spellings and abbreviations for ‘High Visibility’.

The Highly Visible Grammar Conundrum

An abbreviation is a shortening of a word or phrase – taken from the Latin brevis meaning short – but even the word itself can seem a little long can’t it? If you were to abbreviate the word abbreviation you could use abbr., abbrv., or abbrev. It’s funny isn’t it how the English language works, and this little quirk can be found even within our own supply range with high visibility workwear.


When looking around for high visibility workwear we’ve seen the following:

Even just looking at that list is a little exhausting but quite entertaining that something so simple can become mangled and misguided over time, especially when you consider different terms and grammatical rules from British English to American English and back again. It does look like someone’s been having a play around with Google Translate for a few hours just to see what’s the weirdest way they can find to say High Visibility Workwear!

The Importance of High Visibility Workwear

When you come to purchase workwear for safety reasons though, forget about how the name itself is printed on the packaging. Whether High Vis, High-Viz or High-Vises infront of you, the important thing is the quality of the product itself and the safety of your employees as a result of that quality.


We’ve touched upon this subject before but it is worth going over once more. There is a balance to be had when purchasing high-visibility workwear and we have a wide range available, so whatever your circumstance and budgets, we will be able to advise you on the right products for you. A perfect example of this is the high vis vest range that starts with the standard 2 band high vis vest right at a basic price right up to an executive high vis vest with radio loops, id badge holder and zip fastening etc that reflects positively on your business.

You will have in mind:

  • The Quality of the Product
  • The Value for Money
  • The levels of Performance and Protection Afforded Your Staff
  • Style & Comfort of Garments

Speak to a member of our customer service team 0151 709 2271 today to discuss your hi-vis or even your high-viz workwear needs. We’re always happy to help.

The Expertise That Makes a Real Difference – Advice on Your Cleaning Products

We all need to clean. And we all know that there are countless places in which we can purchase wholesale cleaning products and janitorial supplies. The difference between purchasing from Wray Bros and an alternative retailer is something that matters:

  • Client care
  • Knowledge
  • Inside advice
  • Value-for-Money

The things that will help you choose the right product for you and for your situation time and again. What are the benefits of purchasing your janitorial products through Wray Bros and our online cleaning supplies website?

Watch the video to discover how many companies it takes to supply your business

Quick & Simple Purchasing Procedure

We are proud of the scope of our wholesale janitorial products and the ease with which any type of cleaning task can be efficiently completed using our methods. Our online store offers customers the chance to quickly search or research high quality Jangro cleaning products and order them with the click of a button. Cleaning can often seem so tiresome, don’t let the buying of cleaning products become just as cumbersome.

Speak to Cleaning Specialists that Care

Without customer service you are nowhere as a business. It is something Wray Bros takes seriously and our staff are all highly knowledgeable about the products we offer and also trained in customer service to ensure that whatever questions you may have, our team is ready to listen and offer honest advice.

No Task is Too Big or Too Small

It doesn’t matter to us whether you wish to speak to us about a single cleaning task or a larger project on a commercial basis. Each client is important to Wray Bros and our team will always take the time to guide you through the cleaning processes we believe suits you and which products will work most effectively.

Buying from and working with Wray Bros for your janitorial supplies is as easy as ABC!

Buying from and working with Wray Bros for your janitorial supplies is as easy as ABC!

Long-Term Cost Effective Solutions

You might be able to pick up inexpensive cleaning products at a normal retail store. We would never lie about that. The problem is will it really do what you want it to? Will it provide value-for-money in terms of cost-in-use? And will it provide the longer term solutions to your cleaning problems? One of the major benefits of Wray Bros is that we offer you tailored advice to your problems, meaning that the products and processes we advise are more likely to glean ever more gleaming results.

Our approach to customer care is second to none. It is difficult to find generic retail stores that offer commercial cleaning products at not only a competitive rate, but also with advice and guidance from members of staff who know what they’re talking about and also care about you. At Wray Bros this is an important aspect of our business and we would like to welcome you to build bridges with us and never have to worry about choosing the right cleaning products. For informed purchasing decisions, prompt, reliable deliveries and great value contact Wray Bros or call 0151 709 2271 today!

An explanation of the cleaning janitorial supplies available to you from the Wray Bros website ready for delivery to your door!

Wholesale Cleaning Chemicals, e.g. Carpet Cleaning Products, Floor Cleaning Chemicals, Floor Polishes, Hard Surface Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Bleach & Disinfectants, Dishwashing Detergents, Kitchen Cleaning chemicals, Laundry Liquids & Washroom Cleaning Chemicals

Commercial Cleaning Machines, e.g. Extraction Machines, Industrial Carpet Cleaners, Pressure Washer, Floor Pads, Rotary Machines, Scrubber Dryers, Industrial Sweepers, Tub Vacuums, Upright Vacuums, Vacuum Bags & Wet and Dry Vacuums

Industrial Janitorial Supplies, e.g. Bin Bags, Litter Pickers, Recycling Bins, General Waste Bins, Kitchen Brushes, Wooden Brush, Scrapers, Squeegees, Trolleys, Dust Sweepers, Entrance Matting, Mopping Equipment & Window cleaning equipment

Kitchen Hygiene products, e.g. Dish Cloths and Tea Towels, Kitchen Cleaning Cloths, Centrefeed Rolls, Kitchen Rolls, Scouring Pads, Cleaning Wipes & Sanitising Wipes

Washroom Supplies, e.g. Hand Towels & Dispensers, Hand Soap & Dispensers, Toilet Rolls & dispensers

Health and Safety Products, e.g. Facial Tissues, First Aid Kits, Hygiene Rolls, Barrier Creams, Hand Sanitisers, Industrial Soap, Industrial Wipes & Safety Signs

How did Prince Charles come to meet Willy Wiper?

How did Prince Charles come to meet Willy Wiper? Find out below! Also find out the basics on how to become a successful entrepreneur by following the tips from Mark and Graham themselves.

Shortly after the Toxteth riots in Liverpool in the early 1980’s, brothers Graham and Mark Wray along with Paul Harper decided to be proactive in the pursuit of employment as the prospect of finding work for young people in the area was bleak. Despite having no prior business experience they approached the Prince’s Trust with a business model and secured a loan of £3,000. With this money they began buying clothes from charity shops, removed the zips and buttons, and sold them on as rags to local companies and garages. However, in 1987 Paul decided to part company with Willy Wiper and pursue other avenues of employment.

The company traded under the rather humorous name ‘Willy Wiper’ and despite the obvious connotations managed to draw significant amounts of positive attention to the company. So much so that in 1986 HRH The Prince of Wales visited the company to see how the funds from his charity had been put to good use. You can almost imagine the shocked faces of Liverpudlians seeing ‘The Prince’s Willy Wipers’ in their local paper. Upon a recent visit to Clarence House Prince Charles was also quoted saying ‘Congratulations, you are a great example of how my trust helps young people. I wish you every success for the future’.

Prince Charles, Wray Bros, Willy, Wiper,

Prince Charles visiting Willy Wiper in 1986, Graham (left) and Mark (right) in 2011 and a montage covering the early success of Willy Wiper.

After a visit to St James’ Places in 1992 with a turnover of £700,000.00, Mark and Graham started to think the unthinkable and contemplated the prospect of changing the company name. However, it took until 1996 to finally retire ‘Willy’. A decision Graham’s son would come to greatly appreciate upon starting school. Despite this, he inherited the name of ‘The Prince of Hygiene’ which will come to make sense in a few sentences time. In order to reflect their hard work Mark and Graham decided to change the name to ‘Wray Brothers’, changing it further in 2002 to ‘Wray Brothers Limited’ with the slogan ‘Kings of Hygiene’ added at a later date.

Wray Brothers Limited is now one of the leading organisations on Merseyside for the total provision of hygiene supplies and washroom services as well as having an extensive range of work wear and personal protective equipment. Both Graham and Mark turned Wray Bros from a small company selling rags to a company, whose grounds cover a whole street, selling 4,500 items in a 138 page catalogue with a multi-million pound turnover. It truly is a rags to riches story.

Starting up your own business is no simple task and any prospective entrepreneur will encounter many hurdles before they hit success. Mark Wray’s advice to any start up is to ‘never give up’ and attributes the success of him and his brother to having an ‘ignorance to failure’. Below you will find a selection of useful tips on how to be a successful start-up. Given the circumstances and the expertise Wray Bros has in the area of cleaning we thought a cleaning business would be the area we could provide the best advice on.

Start small – it doesn’t make sense to tie up all your capital in equipment and chemicals before you’ve secured a few contracts. Keep things simple to begin with and ensure you have the time and capabilities for each job you take on.

Research suppliers – ensuring you source commercial-standard cleaning products and equipment is essential to keeping your business afloat. Buying your chemicals from the high street will end up expensive and you won’t be able to access the higher quality products that commercial clients will expect.

Have a Budget – with a little research you can estimate how much money you’ll need to spend initially to get setup. This shouldn’t be too excessive when compared to other businesses but factor in the cost of professional cleaning machines as well as your cleaning equipment supplies and items will need to be regularly restocked.

Invest in Marketing – if you invest properly in marketing then others will find your business and the chances of success are much higher. You need to make your potential customers aware of who you are and what you do and then if they need you, they can find you.

Starting a business in the janitorial sector can be extremely fruitful if you have the right attitude and the dedication to make it so. For a more in depth explanation on starting your own cleaning business read our What you need to set up your own janitorial cleaning services business blog on our website.

We want to make you look good

We have an aim and that is to make you look good.

It is that ethos that is behind the blog, to share thoughts, opinions and to provide really useful information on all your wholesale janitorial supplies and ppe industrial supplies.  If making a lasting impression is important to you, whether it is the quality of workwear clothing for your staff’s appearance or the standard of hygiene within your business premises we believe we can help to make you look good in front of staff and customer’s alike.

For further helpful articles within the Knowldege Bank and latest product news why not visit the Wray Bros website.