How to Stay Safe and Look Good with Work Tunics

Whether you work in the medical or veterinary sector, or maybe within the beauty industry, you’ll often find that you require work tunics for wear on a day to day basis. Wray Bros supplies a range of tunics and tabards for such use, and we are keen to provide workwear which is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

A good, well-fitting work tunic should allow you unrestricted movement when it comes to your shoulders, hips and waist. Plus make you look good too!

A good, well-fitting work tunic should allow you unrestricted movement when it comes to your shoulders, hips and waist. Plus make you look good too!

Work tunics in this instance do not legally have to be worn as protective equipment, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t have some considerations as to the impact they will have on how you work. Answer these short questions to see if your uniforms will be smart enough, safe enough, and practical enough:

  • Will the clothing provide you with comfort and ease of mobility?
  • Does the clothing answer the safety issues your staff face?
  • Is the clothing durable for regular wear and laundering?
  • Does the clothing add to, or fit in with, the brand image of the business?
  • Is it possible for it to comfortably contain any required identification badges?

Another consideration should also be to your accessories and hairstyle. To add to the style, as well as your safety, ensure that any jewellery or hair is not in a position to get caught in machinery or get in the way of your daily tasks.

Comfort is Key in any Occupation

If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, the likelihood is that your performance in work will suffer as a result. When you take into consideration the types of industry where tunics are normal work-wear, comfort becomes even more of an important issue.

A uniform should allow you unrestricted movement when it comes to your shoulders, hips and waist. It should be comfortable enough for you to reach and bend for things with ease, without worrying about your dignity. Temperatures can change in working environments, so ensure that your work tunics cover how hot or cold it is likely to be where you work.

Footwear is another consideration that often goes unnoticed. Comfortable, non-slip shoes, flat, such as the Safety Clog or Slip On Safety Shoe without showing off your toes, are much more desirable and advisable when working with patients and clients.

Don’t be Scared to Also Think of Style

Of course, the most important aspects of your work tunics involve comfort and how it will affect your capacity to work. Aside from that however, we all want to look and feel good about ourselves, even when we are at work. With that in mind, Wray Bros offers a range of tunics and tabard aprons that are stylish and comfortable, from great looking beauty tunics, bright salon tunics, practical nurses tunics and not forgetting male tunics too!

With the added options of personalised embroidery, you and your staff can look great and in the process feel good about themselves and how they look. It also reinforces the brand image of the company or organisation. This can only lead to a happier workforce and a more productive one as a result.

Wray Bros has a range of stylish and safe tunics which are suitable for those individuals who work within the beauty, medical or veterinary sectors. If you’d like to browse you can take a look around our tunic & tabards range and choose the right workwear for you. Our customer service team is always on hand with helpful and friendly advice and guidance should you wish to discuss further, and of course, we also offer an embroidery service so you can personal your staff uniforms should you wish.

Contact Related Dermatitis – How to Help Your Cleaning Staff Avoid It

In the cleaning profession your staff are bound to come into contact with potentially hazardous materials and substances, such as detergents, bleach and solvents.

Exposure to these substances over time can cause contact-related dermatitis and as an employer you have to assess the risks involved to your cleaning staff and provide them with the solutions to prevent this risk or minimise the impact.

A cleaner will need protection against substances that can cause itching, blistering and flaking of the skin

A cleaner will need protection against substances that can cause itching, blistering and flaking of the skin

Contact dermatitis, or eczema, develops when the skin is broken and damaged. A cleaner is more likely to come into contact with substances and workloads that will break the skin down, causing itching, blistering, cracking and flaking of the skin.

As an employer you should take care to provide the following:

Training, Information & Awareness

Assess the risks that your cleaning staff have around them. What type of substances are they using and is there enough protection against the repetitive nature of their tasks? Ensure that your cleaning staff understand the dangers of handling chemical substances and that they know the signs of dermatitis and to report any instances to a supervisor. A culture of awareness about skin conditions is important to cleaning staff as it can prevent future instances.

Disposable Gloves

If your staff handle cleaning materials all day long or are used to washing dishes by hand as part of your job, you will understand how damaging it can be on their hands and skin. One solution is to wear disposable gloves. Wray Bros supplies gloves to protect your staff from prolonged exposure to the cleaning substances they use on a daily basis. And as we are determined to make you look good you can be sure the materials are of the highest quality.

Soaps & Moisturiser

Wray Bros is committed to providing you and your cleaning staff with as much help as possible. We supply hand soaps, moisturiser and barrier creams that offer a level of protection to the skin and acts as a barrier between chemicals and your skin.  With proper awareness, training and application of such soaps your skin will have a better chance of warding off the harmful effects of chemical substances whilst simultaneously replenishing your skins natural oils.

Wray Bros are keen to emphasise our passion for supplying only the highest quality of cleaning supplies. Disposable gloves, hand sanitisers, industrial soaps and barrier creams can be found within our website, helping you help your staff prevent contact related dermatitis.

Choosing Chef Wear: Surviving the Heat of the Kitchen with a Nod to Brand Integrity

Catering as an industry is an exciting and vibrating career choice. The kitchen can be an often volatile place but the end results are often spectacular and with a great sense of worth and meaning to all involved. As a company you want to supply your kitchen staff with the best equipment and this goes to chef wear too – it has to be durable, keep your staff safe and supply them with comfort.

But they are not the only staff to take care of when it comes to clothing and you can create a memorable brand identity by taking care when choosing the front of house range for your waiting staff.

Make the right first impression with our range of Chef White's and uniforms for front of house staff

Make the right first impression with our range of Chef White’s and uniforms for front of house staff

Look the Business in Your Chef Whites

It is important that your head chef and his team feel like they are at the top of their profession. It adds to your confidence if you’re dressed smartly and correctly, whatever your job and Wray Bros has a versatile range of chef wear from aerated chef jackets to chessboard trousers that suit all types of brand identities and cooking styles.

Taking care of your appearance lends itself to a more professional air of quality and integrity and your kitchen will benefit from this type of atmosphere. Our range of catering wear is practical, desirable and stylish – perfect for the kitchen –

Make the Right First Impression with Front of House Staff

Your front of house staff has the opportunity to perfectly encapsulate your message and make the first great impression. Our range of hospitality uniforms has been designed with comfort and style in mind, but also with a view to helping you create that brand identity of professionalism and quality.

With a range of stylish poplin shirts, bar aprons and poplin blouses, available in a variety of colours, you have the chance to complement the vision for your business whilst making your front of house staff stand tall and proud to be the best that they can be when serving your customers.

Customise Your Clothing for Maximum Impact

Customisation and embroidery of your catering and front of house wear can add to the special feel of the whole experience. Your staff will be lifted by it and customers will see a real sense of belonging and togetherness, bringing together a great team that delivers quality time and again.

Wray Bros invites you to consider the customisation of your chef and hospitality wear and are keen to have you on board from start to finish for maximum control and impact. We can place your logo, company name or message on a range of materials and clothing – helping you stand out from the crowd and make an instant impact.

Bring all the Ingredients Together for an Outstanding Brand Identity with Wray Bros

The whole experience of a restaurant or outdoor catering for the customer must come together. The food has to be outstanding of course, but how best can you supply them with the visual aids to accompany their visit?

Wray Bros offers a chef range that is versatile and offers functionality for all of your catering staff needs. Everything we provide is made of the highest quality, will be durable for the toughest kitchens and keep you sane and cool when the heat rises.

So get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll help you figure out the right chefwear and front of house wear for your team.

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The Benefits of Personalised Workwear

Personalised workwear is becoming more common and it’s something which can set your brand apart from the crowd. Taking care of your employees is essential to keep your business going and ensuring they’re comfortable and happy working for your brand is important too. Personalised workwear has its benefits for both employees and clients and it’s an investment which many businesses are taking advantage of.

Personalised workwear needs to be tailored to your needs and should be designed to take into account your business needs. It can provide consistency and positivity for your business and have a constructive impact on your brand identity as you develop. Below is a closer look at the key benefits of investing in personalised workwear.

In a competitive market personalised workwear can make a difference to your brand.

More Visibility

Personalised and branded clothing, such as hospitality uniforms, makes your employees clear to customers. With your logo present on their garments your employees can be picked out by customers with ease. Being visible to customers is important if they have concerns or need advice before selecting their products or services.

More Rapport

Employees who are wearing personalised, branded industrial workwear find it easier to build up rapport and relationships with other team members. There’s a reason schools have uniforms! Wearing the company logo as part of a team significantly heightens the affinity between team members and can help subconsciously develop team player skills.

More Efficiency

Having the company’s name and logo on their clothing gives employees a sense of responsibility. Wearing the company logo with pride is one thing but it also means more accountability so working efficiently and conscientiously is a further by-product. As there is visual proof of the company they work for employees are less inclined to appear to be slacking off as being reported upon is easier.

Brand Promotion

Having your company logo clearly displayed on all employee workwear clothing makes it easier to recognise and potential customers may notice it and choose to get in touch. Potential customers will see your details wherever employees are out and about to its tantamount to free advertising. Your company name will become lodged in people’s minds even when they don’t realise it and in time you should see the benefits of more customer leads and business.

Easier to Contact

As well as your logo you can also choose to have your company phone number printed upon workwear. This again acts as another marketing tool and people can easily store your number in their mobiles on the go if they’re looking for your services in the future.  No longer will customers need to look in the Yellow Pages or search for you online as you’ve made it super easy for them to contact you.

Personalised workwear isn’t necessarily something every business needs but there are many industries where it can make a huge difference. Whether you want to forge better team relationships or promote your brand whilst on the go, personalised workwear can make all the difference.

Personalised garments project a consistent image of your company and your employees and you can order items of the highest quality designed to your personal specifications.

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