Winter Skin Troubles – Choose the Right Hand Care Products

As the owner of a business you have certain legal responsibilities to your staff and customers. Good employers will go above and beyond their obligations and provide amenities which keep staff morale and therefore productivity high, and for certain industries this has to extend to the customers as you want to make an overall impression that lasts in a good way.

Hand hygiene is one such area where you can make an impact.


We’ve all seen toilets and washrooms in public houses and restaurants that have left a lot to be desired and sometimes it does appear that the cleaner option is to walk right out without washing your hands and not touching anything on the way out. Especially in industries where you rely on customer service to keep people coming back and spreading the word, your washroom and choice of hand care products can play a big part towards you gaining a great reputation.

Hand Care in Winter and for Frequent Hand Washers

In the harsh winter months especially the better the hand soap in terms of its moisturising abilities the better your hands will feel when you’ve washed them. For your staff this means dry, chapped hands are being looked after carefully at times when they are using their hands to perform daily tasks, especially if they work outdoors or the role requires frequent hand washing.

All the Jangro handwash products contain Glycerol (Glycerine in Cosmetic parlance) which is one of the most widely used emollients used in cosmetic products. The highest emollient content within the Jangro range of perfumed products is in Enviro Luxury Hand Wash Soap.

However, the contribution it or indeed any other emollient can make to maintaining good skin condition is limited by the way the product is used. Hand washing is a “rinse off” cosmetic application. The time available to do any good, or indeed for other components of the handwash to do any harm, is limited.

The key to avoiding deterioration of skin condition experienced by people who are required to wash hands frequently (Food production, catering, health care) is to make sure that hands are washed, rinsed and, especially, dried properly. Correct and consistent use of barrier and reconditioning preparations such Jangro Barrier Cream can play an important role in reducing skin condition problems

We know from research into skin condition problems where employees are required to wash their hands regularly. There was huge variation in hand washing practice and a huge variation in the degree to which workers experienced problems with the skin of their hands.

This has to some extent influenced the most recent Jangro hand wash development, Premium Bactericidal Hand Soap which contains a significantly higher level of emollient than the conventional perfumed hand wash products. The rationale is such that if workers have a tendency not to rinse and or dry their hands properly we should, at least, try to offset this behaviour by making sure that any residue contains a significantly higher level of emollient.

Make a Clean and Correct Choice of Skin Care Products

At Wray Bros we have an extensive winter supplies range but the Workplace Skin Care products provides cover all year round if we are honest. It is considerable in size and offers you a wide variety of washroom hand soaps and soap dispensers for use within myriad industries. You may require soap and dispensers for a busy washroom in a public place or for a restaurant or hotel, budgets will differ wildly of course, as will the quantities involved. Don’t despair, Wray Bros has your back this winter and as you consider which of our soaps are best to keep hands smooth and clean in the dry, bitter winter months, we are here to help you figure it out.

Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0151 709 2271 or coming in to the trade counter and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and help you make the right choice for your washroom, whether for staff, customers or both.

All I Want for Christmas . . . is to keep my office clean

Not that you hear this being top of anyone’s Christmas list in reality, the state of the office during and over the holiday period, especially if there is a shutdown after the Christmas party, is something that bothers management and cleaning staff. The last thing you need upon your return is a filthy office, unfit to bring in the New Year.

The Right Office Cleaning Equipment for Your Staff

Being fully prepared for the frenzy that surrounds the festive period is a good idea but you should be fully prepared to have the correct cleaning equipment and products in place for your cleaning staff all year round.

Putting together a plan of action helps build a habit, a regular and daily routine of cleaning that effectively cleans the entire office space and keeps the workforce happy in their own personal environments. If you get this right morale will stay high and productivity is always linked to staff morale.

An office party is great for staff bonding but aside from the hangovers make sure the next-day office cleaning doesn't become a major headache

An office party is great for staff bonding but aside from the hangovers make sure the next-day office cleaning doesn’t become a major headache

So what should you be looking out for when considering a plan of action for cleaning your office space?

  • Firstly, consider the dimensions of the office space you will be cleaning. The larger the area, obviously the more product will be required in order to clean it. Also, you should consider the type of furniture in place, the numbers and sizes as that will determine what type of product you will need to use.
  • What sort of equipment will you need? Office space isn’t just chairs and desks, there are often kitchens too (something we’ve talked about before on the blog) so it’s not always as simple as a few standard spray bottles of cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner. You may need different types of hygiene brushes, wiping cloths for different areas and different products for different surfaces. Make a tally of everything you may need.
  • And finally your budget, it’s no good just heading to the local shop and buying the cheapest and most general cleaning product you can find, because in the long run that will eat into your budget a lot more than taking a calm and measured approach when drawing up a cleaning regime. No matter what the size of your budget you’ll be able to purchase specialist products and equipment that will retain a high standard of effectiveness for a lot longer than cheaper brands, save time going back and forth to the shops and can all be bought in bulk to make your money go even further. So take some time to think out a strategy and choose wisely within your budget without panicking.

Keeping Your In-House Cleaning Staff Happy

So, if you want to have the right tools and products at your disposal, ensuring 2015 starts afresh with purpose and freshness, speak to a member of the Wray Bros team today. There is a wide array of office cleaning supplies and pieces of equipment that are suitable for office cleaning. Whether you are in need of a deep cleaning session or products to help with your day to day routine, we’ve got what you’re looking for. For instance, if you are looking to start 2015 with some fresh vigour why not try one of our starter packs? Such as:

  • Cheap Cleaning Chemicals. Contract Range Starter Pack is a basic, no-frills range that includes 5 x 750ml bottles of Washroom Germicidal Cleaner, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Kitchen Sanitiser, Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner, Multi-surface Polish and 1 litre of Toilet Cleaner
  • Professional Cleaning Supplies. Jangro Multi-Pack is a trial pack of six of our bestselling Jangro 750ml cleaning chemicals: Multi Purpose Cleaner, Air Freshener, Cleaner Disinfectant, Multi Surface Polish, Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner and Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser
  • Office Air Fresheners. TCell Air Freshener Starter Kit includes a White Dispenser, two Tcell refills that offers continuous odour control for 120 days.
  • Commercial Air Fresheners. Microburst Starter Kit is an automatic air freshener with a Microburst air care dispenser, batteries and two designer fragrance refill sprays.
  • Office Mop. Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Starter Kit with Handle includes a 10 litre bucket, wringer, microlite mop pad, frame and telescopic handle created specifically for small area cleaning tasks.

If you’re unsure as to what is needed exactly give us a call on 0151 709 2271 or email Steven at and we can offer the advice and the cleaning solutions to fit any office size, style and budget.

How to Get the Best from your Corporate Wear Supplier

In a previous article: ‘You & Your Corporate Wear Supplier – How to Find the Perfect Fit’ the role of corporate clothing supplier and how that ties in with your workwear policy, staff comfort and brand awareness was discussed. The next step is to fully consider every potential option before heading to your corporate wear supplier.

The fuller the brief and intended aims, the closer you can get to your desired corporate outlook, reflecting your business in the way you see fit saves time and money. It’s better to work out the quirks and nuances at this stage, matching up what could be initially perceived as wildly different options, such a professional outlook with an intention of engaging with a younger/older audience.

ladies corporate clothing includes machine washable jackets, trousers, skirts, plain and patterned blouses

ladies corporate clothing includes machine washable jackets, trousers, skirts, plain and patterned blouses

So what should you be considering before heading to the brief writing stage?

  • Define the corporate image and identity you want to portray – professional, friendly etc.
  • Understand the needs of each section of your staff and which garments are better suited for each area in terms of design, safety and comfort.
  • Match up colours and fabric where possible with the company branded colours.
  • Discuss logo and branding and whether embroidered company logos will work for you.

The Detail

Once you have a favoured design and look it’s time to think about the processes for the future. It is important to consider the size of the garments you are ordering and the comfort levels for each staff member. Where possible, staff should be able to try the workwear before purchasing for their size, especially where branding and print or embroidery are part of the finished uniform.

In terms of budget and timing, consider whether bulk buying in a wide variety of sizes works for your business, or whether regular, individual orders can be made within cost and on time.

Mens corporate wear includes the 'tailored fit' Malham Jacket, Trousers & Waistcoat in Black, Charcoal, Grey & Navy

Mens corporate wear includes the ‘tailored fit’ Malham Jacket, Trousers & Waistcoat in Black, Charcoal, Grey & Navy

One other consideration that is becoming ever more important is ethical trading and responsible workwear suppliers should provide you with all the information you need as to where their goods are sourced and to demonstrate that their clothing is ethically manufactured to ensure the ethical and social impacts of their actions are accounted for, that they have adopted internationally recognised guidelines such as Fairtrade, Rainforest and Oeko Tex Standard 100 etc.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Wray Bros team we would be more than happy to help your team look good, feel comfortable and look the part in terms of your corporate branding and messaging coming across to customers. Whether its ladies corporate clothing or mens corporate clothing we can help you plan and budget your outfits that will become an integral part of your staff management and marketing strategy. Give Wray Bros a call today on 0151 709 2271 for expert advice and guidance.

You & Your Corporate Wear Supplier – How to Find the Perfect Fit

Considerations for corporate workwear used to be all about cost and the safety aspects for the staff members using it. After that you’d think about comfort. In recent years there has been a change in focus to include corporate workwear that speaks for your brand name and reputation and companies now think about not only the safety aspects, which are still vitally important, but also whether the supplier fits in with their ethical and corporate clothing policy, comfort levels for staff, brand recognition and of course the budget.

If you believe first impressions leave a lasting impression then you will no doubt appreciate the role corporate wear plays to enhance your image to create a brand

If you believe first impressions leave a lasting impression then you will no doubt appreciate the role corporate wear plays to enhance your brand

Consider the Design and Impact of your Company Clothing

The impact of corporate workwear should never be underestimated. As long as you meet the legal obligations and requirements in terms of what your employees wear you can then start to think about wider aims and visions.

When at the planning stage of a new corporate workwear policy there are a few points to consider in full, new potential aims that can be shaped by you from the outset and have an intended outcome in the eyes of staff, customers, potential customers and suppliers.

This could be:

  • Brand Awareness: a new work clothing range could become an integral part of re-branding your business, linking in with other aspects of the marketing of your company.
  • Re-Moulding Internal Structures: A new clothing range for staff may be considered a great way to re-shape internal hierarchies within the staff pyramid, break down barriers and get everyone on the same page, working together in one direction.
  • Improve Perception from Outside: This could be the most important part of the strategy. When done in the right way, new branded workwear conveys a certain, positive message to the outside world and to potential customers and suppliers. This can be that you’re a professional team, a hardworking and friendly team or whatever image you want to portray.

Ladies Corporate Wear available to you from Wray Bros include:

Look out for part 2 of this blog that covers what should you consider to achieve your desired corporate outlook, that reflects your business in the way you see fit

If you would like to speak to a member of the Wray Bros team we would be more than happy to help your team look good, feel comfortable and look the part in terms of your corporate branding and messaging coming across to customers. For more information call Wray Bros on 0151 709 2271 or visit our Liverpool uniform trade counter.

Clean up your language! And other cleaning inspired phrases

You’re used to seeing articles related to cleaning that are full of warnings about the hazards involved with handling chemicals, managing germ kill and making sure your workplace is safe and hygienic. They are important of course, and we provide them with a view to making sure you are always safe, cleaning effectively and keeping costs down for your company.

Cleaning tasks can seem trivial, mundane and a necessity that we each face daily in our lives whether at home or in work – and frankly one we could do without. Now, we know how important an effective cleaning regime is but have you ever stopped to think about other ways in which cleaning is important – in a cultural sense?

Stick with it, you’ll soon ‘take a shine to‘ this thread.

As a measure of just how important cleaning is simply listen to your everyday vocabularly!

As a measure of just how important cleaning is simply listen to your everyday vocabularly!

The Use of Cleaning Phrases in Everyday Life

How often have you annoyingly been woken up by the words ‘Rise and Shine’ or heard phrases such as ‘clean out‘, ‘mop up‘, ‘clean up‘, ‘to take someone to the cleaners‘. People are sometimes referred to as squeaky clean and you can have individuals or teams making a clean sweep of awards at ceremonies every year in sporting or artistic terms.

The language of cleaning has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and form both positive and negative terms that encompass the whole world and many different meanings.

When you think about it – cleaning terms and references to cleaning were bound to become an important make-up of the English vocabulary as it is something that everyone faces, whether they actually do it or not.

The Influence of Cleaning is Far Reaching – Now Make Sure You Continue to Effectively Clean

So, the influence of cleaning does seem to go further than the long reach of the feather duster alone, in everyday terms we use. But, at the end of the day though when all is ‘done and dusted‘, cleaning is something that is an important everyday task and can seem dull and boring to many. When it’s your profession there are a lot of different factors to consider.

We’ll ‘come clean‘ that at Wray Bros we are passionate about all things hygiene and it is our aim to provide you with everything you would need to comprehensively cover your cleaning products and janitorial supplies all at wholesale prices. Our ‘Cleaning How To Guides’ provide a methodical and safety first approach to any task at hand, but when you ‘sweep away the cobwebs‘ you’ll see that how important cleaning is and the wide effect it has on our culture and language, and we’re thankful for that.

If you’d like some advice or guidance on which professional cleaning products and what janitorial equipment is best for your task, or need competitive prices then we believe we can ‘wipe the floor with‘ most janitorial suppliers.  Call Wray Bros today on 0151 709 2271 or use the contact us page at Wray Bros.

Cleaning products that keep a pub, hotel or restaurant clean & fresh, part 2

Following on from the previous article How to keep a Pub or Club Clean and Fresh – A Hospitable Environment in the Hospitality Trade this follow-up blog details what cleaning supplies can be used in specific areas to keep your catering business clean, fresh and hazard free for your customers.

Which Cleaning Products Should You Use in a Bar Area?

Don’t be scared by the mention of specific products for specific areas, this article isn’t intended as a pushy sales call to make you buy everything within our range. We understand there is no need for that. As a handy help Wray Bros has put together the following, condensed list for different areas that might be applicable to your pub or club. It includes the products we’d suggest using to have the maximum impact for your business and keep your work premises fresh, clean and hygienic at all times.

Using a specialist bar & catering supplier will provide you with the necessary cleaning products and knowledge to keep your premises in the highest quality condition

Using a specialist bar & catering supplier will provide you with the necessary cleaning products and knowledge to keep your premises in the highest quality condition

Products to use for Machine Glass washing

Products to use for Manual Glass washing

Jangro Supreme Washing Up Liquid is a high active unperfumed detergent with bactericide. For manual glasswashing add to hot water in sink & wash drinking glasses.  For cleaning Spirit Measures submerge the measures in solution of Jangro Supreme for a minimum 1 hour. Rinse thoroughly in clean water & allow to air dry

Products to use for Beer line Cleaning

Jangro Beer Pipeline Cleaner is a pipeline cleaner & sanitiser. To use

  • Disconnect line from barrel & drain beer from system
  • Draw the pipeline solution into system & leave for 10 minutes
  • Draw off used solution & repeat process
  • Flush system with clean water until emerging water is clean
  • Re-connect beer supply. Sample beer before selling

Products to use on bar tops, food counters, tables & shelves

For bar tops, food counters, tables & shelves spray Jangro Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser onto surface & wipe with clean damp cloth. For a streak free finish on glass surfaces and mirrors spray Jangro Glass & Mirror Cleaner sparingly onto surface & wipe with clean dry cloth. To clean smudges and remove finger marks from stainless steel cabinets spray Jangro Stainless Steel Cleaner sparingly onto surface & wipe with clean dry cloth.

Products to use on walls, doors and floors

Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Heavy Duty is ideal for use on walls and doors. To use apply solution to surface & wipe with cloth. To use the degreaser on the floor firstly sweep to remove debris. Add Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Heavy Duty to hot water in bucket & mop or scrub floor as required.

Products to Use in Washroom/Non-Risk Areas

At Wray Bros we have a range of long-lasting perfumed cleaning products that really hit the senses with a pleasant smell. We all know that a visit to the washroom in many pubs and restaurants is not always the most pleasant experience. Our washroom cleaning supplies and air fragrance products will put those days well into the past and leave your customers with only happy experiences on your premises.

 Find help and advice as running a pub, club, hotel or restaurant your cleaning regime is always going to be an important part of your daily task list.

Find help and advice as running a pub, club, hotel or restaurant your cleaning regime is always going to be an important part of your daily task list.

Don’t forget the hospitality workwear

Another range Wray Bros is proud of that adds to the ambience of your pub/restaurant brand is the catering uniforms and hospitality workwear range. You can ensure that your brand identity retains its integrity with all staff looking smart and together as a team – leaving a lasting impression on any customer who walks through your door.

A Clean Pub is a Hospitable One

We understand the pressures involved with running a pub or club and your cleaning regime is always going to be an important part of your daily task list. By keeping your premises clean and fragrant in all areas will entice new customers in, keep old customers coming back and maintain high standards of staff morale and customer service. We hope the blog has been able to help you put together the perfect approach to cleaning your workplace, be it a pub, club hotel or restaurant.  For a quote on your catering cleaning supplies call Wray Bros today.

Further reading

How to keep a Pub or Club Clean and Fresh – A Hospitable Environment in the Hospitality Trade

As an owner of a pub or a club you know what keeps your business thriving – a great atmosphere, good service and an honest work ethic that transmits itself from the premises, through your staff and onto the customers. You have to focus your energy on offering the best service in your area in order for your business to thrive and cleanliness is a big part of that.

Why You Should Use Industrial Cleaning Supplies to Keep Premises Fresh

Using a bar & catering supplier will provide you with the necessary janitorial equipment, cleaning products and product knowledge to keep your premises in the highest quality condition. With so many different parts of a pub or club to consider, from the welcome area, seating and standing sections, public bathrooms, bar area and food production area and not to mention the need for sparkling clean glasses, you’re going to need different types of product to perform different types of cleaning tasks.

As an owner of a pub, restaurant or hotel you know what keeps your business thriving – a great atmosphere and good service and cleanliness is a big part of that  success.

As an owner of a pub, restaurant or hotel you know what keeps your business thriving – a great atmosphere and good service and cleanliness is a big part of that success.

But why is it necessary?

Prevent a Health Hazard

If you don’t keep things clean and fresh your customers might be facing a health hazard. If hygiene and cleanliness levels are low enough to mean a hazard this isn’t going to look good for your reputation. If your reputation falters the end game is a lower return as customers dwindle and negative word of mouth spreads.

Keep all Areas Fresh and Fragrant

There are so many different areas to consider within a pub or club, especially if you add food into the mix that it can become difficult to put together a cleaning plan that keeps all areas in the highest quality of cleanliness and also returns a fresh fragrance which is pleasant to the noses of customers and staff alike. The catering cleaning chemicals we sell have been developed to not only offer the highest level of cleaning power, but also smell nice – not something you can guarantee with all cleaning products.

Keep Staff and Customer Morale High

How clean your premises are can have a massive knock on effect to staff morale and the happiness of your customers. Happy staff are more likely to work harder, smile more and maintain the high customer service levels you want. This adds to the customer’s experience and will keep them more likely to return again and again. Keeping the customer areas and bathrooms clean will also have a similar affect on custom and reputation.

Prevent Cross Contamination

There are a lot of areas to consider in a pub or club. Bathrooms used to heavy footfall, seating areas where food and drink is consumed and spilled on a regular basis, and behind the bar with dirty glasses, pipes to clean for beer and floors to mop and sweep, the list could go on. Purchasing pub cleaning products for specific tasks will ensure you never cross contaminate from area to area, keeping things clean and hygienic for your staff and preventing risk to your customers. We provide colour coded mops and wipes for different areas of your workplace – it keeps things simple and prevents cross contamination.

Wray Bros have the janitorial supplies plus the know how to help your pub, restaurant or hotel to stay clean and impress your customers.

Wray Bros have the janitorial supplies plus the know how to help your pub, restaurant or hotel to stay clean and impress your customers.

Wray Bros Hygiene & Cleaning Supplies to use in a Bar Area

The customer will walk away if they don’t have a good impression about the cleanliness of where they want relax, eat and drink. Our Jangro cleaning supplies are of the highest quality and can offer you that chance to not only leave a sparkle to wow the customers but also leaves a long-lasting fragrance that informs all that a thorough cleaning has taken place long after the job has finished.

Wray Bros are here to make you look good and have the catering cleaning equipment plus the know how to help your pub, restaurant or hotel to stay clean and impress your customers. For the more information on professional cleaning supplies, e.g. beer line cleaner, worktop sanitiser, stainless steel cleaner, floor cleaner, air fresheners, centrefeed rolls to washroom paper etc and catering uniforms, e.g bar aprons, chefs jackets, staff shirts and blouses contact Wray Bros.

Look out for the follow up article ‘A Hospitable Environment in the Hospitality Trade – Professional Cleaning Products for Pubs, Restaurant & Hotels

Hot off the Press -The New Jangro Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue!

  • 4,300 products,
  • Around 500 new lines
  • All enclosed within 164 pages

Say hello to the new, fully colour illustrated Jangro product catalogue from Wray Bros.

If you’re in the janitorial supplies game and are looking for the most comprehensive directory of supplies and safety products then look no further. Nowhere else will you find such a huge array of illustrated product lines, but what can you expect since the last Jangro catalogue you cherished?

Jangro Catalogue has 164 pages covering 4,300 cleaning and hygiene products for the professional

  • Brand new ranges for Washroom Paper Products and Dispensers
  • New air fresheners, hand soaps and industrial cleansers for all types of washrooms
  • An expanded ranges of Floor Care & Laundry Products
  • Brand new Specialist Machinery for Floor Care
  • Brand New Workwear Products
  • Brand New Recycling Bins

As you can see that’s a lot of brand new and expanded lines in the new Jangro catalogue but it’s not all about the shiny and brand new, for those of you who are aficionados of the Jangro line there’s everything you’ve needed before whether you’re looking to restock your washroom supplies or buy products to help with kitchen hygiene, floor care, window cleaning, waste management, nursing care or health and safety. You might also be looking for a fresh load of branded workwear and personal protective equipment for your staff.

Jangro is the UK’s leading group of independent distributors of hygiene, cleaning, janitorial and catering supplies with 41 privately owned, regional depots.  It offers the advantages of group buying, local delivery and personal service. For Merseyside janitorial products and staff uniforms Liverpool Wray Bros is your Jangro distributor.

Jangro Catalogue covers all aspects including Washroom Supplies, Kitchen Hygiene Floor Care, Waste Management Industrial Cleaning & Wiping, Nursing & Care  Health & Safety, PPE & Workwear

What you can find in your new Jangro catalogue and from the Wray Bros website:

Whatever you need, you’ll find it in the Jangro catalogue, and even better, you can get your copy today through us at Wray Bros.

Call us today on 0151 709 2271, email or visit our website at and we’ll help you find all the Jangro products you need to keep on top of your janitorial supplies for the foreseeable future.

Employer and Employee Responsibilities to PPE & Workwear

If you work in an occupation that requires you to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) it can sometimes be confusing as to who holds what responsibilities to ensure that you are kept safe at all times.

Many different industries require employees to wear specific clothing or personal protective equipment (PPE). There are different types, that you can find right here at Wray Bros, each with a different intended use. Ensuring that you are wearing the right protective clothing and industrial workwear can make a huge difference to your safety on a day to day basis.

What is down to the employer and what is the responsibility of the employee?

PPE & Workwear for Employer & Employee responsibilities

Learn more about the responsibilities we each have when it comes to PPE and staff workwear

Employer Responsibility

Legally, the employers must ensure that there is suitable work-wear and protective equipment provided should the tasks involved in the job expose the employee to health and safety risks. As well as provided PPE, employers also have a duty to ensure that all staff are fully trained, prepared and supervised. In the event of a hazard risk, or dangerous substances, employees should have all the knowledge, skills and equipment with which to deal with them, provided by their employers.

Any protective equipment or clothing must include clear instructions on how to use them, close at hand and in a simple manner.

All equipment and clothing provided by an employer must also take into consideration comfort of wear. An employee can refuse to wear PPE if they consider themselves to be in danger due to an item of clothing not fitting correctly, for instance.

Employee Responsibility

It’s not just the employer who has the responsibility to provide you with personal protective equipment and safe clothing. You can refuse to work if you believe you have been supplied substandard equipment that leaves you in danger, but you also have responsibilities as an employee too.

  • Remember to look out for yourself first and foremost. If you keep a high standard of awareness and care in terms of your personal space and clothing, others around you will follow suit.
  • Never wear loose fitting clothing, or leave jewellery or hair exposed if you use machinery of any kind in the workplace.
  • Treat your provided PPE with care – do not interfere with it in anyway, potentially compromising its safety and yours.
  • Fully engage with any training provided that instructs you how to properly wear and use personal protective equipment that your employer provides you.

There is always responsibility on both sides when it comes to clothing in the workplace. Safety has to be the most important issue to consider when purchasing PPE. Wray Bros provides a wide selection of workwear, from staff tunics, industrial boiler suits to high visibility clothing including hi vis vests. Our concern is always with safety first. Our personalised print service can add a quality final touch that adds to your brand by adding your logo, but it should never be your main priority.

Take your time to choose your PPE industrial supplies & work clothing that is right for your company, and we can add the final touches once you have decided.

Further reading

High Visibility of a Safe Way to Work – No Matter How You Spell It!

High visibility workwear is an important part of certain businesses where the employees have to be visible at all times to stay safe from harm, from machinery, moving parts and vehicles on site. Sometimes however it can be difficult to completely appreciate and understand what you need – that’s where we come in. Add to that the grammatical confusion we’ve encountered many a time when researching the product – and the many different spellings and abbreviations for ‘High Visibility’.

The Highly Visible Grammar Conundrum

An abbreviation is a shortening of a word or phrase – taken from the Latin brevis meaning short – but even the word itself can seem a little long can’t it? If you were to abbreviate the word abbreviation you could use abbr., abbrv., or abbrev. It’s funny isn’t it how the English language works, and this little quirk can be found even within our own supply range with high visibility workwear.


When looking around for high visibility workwear we’ve seen the following:

Even just looking at that list is a little exhausting but quite entertaining that something so simple can become mangled and misguided over time, especially when you consider different terms and grammatical rules from British English to American English and back again. It does look like someone’s been having a play around with Google Translate for a few hours just to see what’s the weirdest way they can find to say High Visibility Workwear!

The Importance of High Visibility Workwear

When you come to purchase workwear for safety reasons though, forget about how the name itself is printed on the packaging. Whether High Vis, High-Viz or High-Vises infront of you, the important thing is the quality of the product itself and the safety of your employees as a result of that quality.


We’ve touched upon this subject before but it is worth going over once more. There is a balance to be had when purchasing high-visibility workwear and we have a wide range available, so whatever your circumstance and budgets, we will be able to advise you on the right products for you. A perfect example of this is the high vis vest range that starts with the standard 2 band high vis vest right at a basic price right up to an executive high vis vest with radio loops, id badge holder and zip fastening etc that reflects positively on your business.

You will have in mind:

  • The Quality of the Product
  • The Value for Money
  • The levels of Performance and Protection Afforded Your Staff
  • Style & Comfort of Garments

Speak to a member of our customer service team 0151 709 2271 today to discuss your hi-vis or even your high-viz workwear needs. We’re always happy to help.