Hot off the Press -The New Jangro Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue!

  • 4,300 products,
  • Around 500 new lines
  • All enclosed within 164 pages

Say hello to the new, fully colour illustrated Jangro product catalogue from Wray Bros.

If you’re in the janitorial supplies game and are looking for the most comprehensive directory of supplies and safety products then look no further. Nowhere else will you find such a huge array of illustrated product lines, but what can you expect since the last Jangro catalogue you cherished?

Jangro Catalogue has 164 pages covering 4,300 cleaning and hygiene products for the professional

  • Brand new ranges for Washroom Paper Products and Dispensers
  • New air fresheners, hand soaps and industrial cleansers for all types of washrooms
  • An expanded ranges of Floor Care & Laundry Products
  • Brand new Specialist Machinery for Floor Care
  • Brand New Workwear Products
  • Brand New Recycling Bins

As you can see that’s a lot of brand new and expanded lines in the new Jangro catalogue but it’s not all about the shiny and brand new, for those of you who are aficionados of the Jangro line there’s everything you’ve needed before whether you’re looking to restock your washroom supplies or buy products to help with kitchen hygiene, floor care, window cleaning, waste management, nursing care or health and safety. You might also be looking for a fresh load of branded workwear and personal protective equipment for your staff.

Jangro is the UK’s leading group of independent distributors of hygiene, cleaning, janitorial and catering supplies with 41 privately owned, regional depots.  It offers the advantages of group buying, local delivery and personal service. For Merseyside janitorial products and staff uniforms Liverpool Wray Bros is your Jangro distributor.

Jangro Catalogue covers all aspects including Washroom Supplies, Kitchen Hygiene Floor Care, Waste Management Industrial Cleaning & Wiping, Nursing & Care  Health & Safety, PPE & Workwear

What you can find in your new Jangro catalogue and from the Wray Bros website:

Whatever you need, you’ll find it in the Jangro catalogue, and even better, you can get your copy today through us at Wray Bros.

Call us today on 0151 709 2271, email or visit our website at and we’ll help you find all the Jangro products you need to keep on top of your janitorial supplies for the foreseeable future.

Cheap ‘vs’ Value-for-money: Hand Towels, Toilet & Centrefeed Rolls

Many janitorial suppliers like Wray Bros supply hand towels, toilet rolls as well as centrefeed rolls which are used as a wiping product in to busy establishments such as professional kitchens. For the buyer the choice and availability of so many paper products is ideal for competitive purchasing.  Yet, the challenge remains to make certain they are buying superior, value-for-money janitorial supplies.

When it comes to paper supplies there are a few simple checks a buyer should undertake in order to overcome some of the techniques low-cost suppliers use to sell a product that is ultimately inferior in terms of cost-in-use.


Wray Bros use approved paper suppliers, that have products that adhere to the CHSA standards and accreditation scheme for soft tissue products

What to watch out for when buying disposable paper supplies

As an example of passing off something that is not quite what it appears to be, this article looks at centrefeed rolls though the same principles apply to other paper supplies such as paper hand towels and Wholesale Toilet Tissue.    The Industry standard for centrefeed rolls is 150m yet there are products available at 120m, which obviously makes the price much more competitive. This is acceptable if you, the buyer is informed of the difference as not all suppliers label short length rolls of centrefeed and mini / jumbo toilet rolls.  Instead, rather than label the product in meterage (which is the industry standard) they state how many sheets are in the case.  This ticks the box for the CHSA guidelines, (more of which later), but does not tell the consumer that they are being provided with short length product.

Less is not always more

Another technique adopted by low-cost suppliers is to lessen the grammage out of the product. This makes the product break down too easily.  Only the more switched on buyers will actually weigh the product to determine whether they are getting an inferior product or not.

No doubt as a buyer and a consumer what you require is a dependable and reliable supply of products.  There are some paper suppliers that spot buy ‘mother’ reels on the open market.  The issue then is one of inconsistency as the product may be really good one month and terrible the next. Though without question, if you ask a supplier that spot buys on the open market for a sample for a product trial you will receive a better quality product but who knows what will follow once approved.

Wray Bros use Jangro approved paper suppliers, that have products that adhere to the CHSA standards and accreditation scheme for soft tissue products.  See CHSA ‘Beat the Cheats’ article for more information on what this means in terms of consistency and quality for your paper supplies.

If you are looking to save money and yet deliver consistent, high standards of wholesale janitorial supplies then we can make you look good.  Contact us if you need help or advice with disposable paper supplies, cleaning products or industrial workwear.

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