Taking the Right Steps to Selecting Safety Footwear for Work. Part 2

In the earlier post ‘Taking the Right Steps to Selecting Safety Footwear for Work. Part 1’ covered some of the considerations on how to select safety footwear to ensure you and your colleagues are kept safe from potential workplace hazards. Choosing the appropriate protective footwear to meet the hazards of your job can help prevent injury and keep you comfortable during your work hours. Below is brief overview of the features and functions of safety footwear attributes:

Discover more regarding the features and function of your Safety Footwear

Discover more regarding the features and function of your Safety Footwear

  • Toecap: Safety footwear doesn’t necessarily start and end with the toecap but it is a good place to begin a review of the different footwear features. Toecap footwear can be split into two main groups – metal and non-metallic, i.e. composite, regardless of material both versions are designed to meet EN standards. The composite materials tend to be plastic which makes the boots or shoes lighter and being non-metallic they do not retail the cold.
  • Tread: Slip resistant footwear protects workers from workplace slips which can lead to bruising, sprains and possible back problems. The nature of slips can differ depending upon the environment and the cause of the slip, e.g. grease on the floor, over polished floors and spills etc.
  • Consider the Tread: When looking at slip resistant footwear consider the tread pattern, especially if to be used, on wet surfaces. The sole should offer maximum contact to the floor surface and allow the user a feel for the conditions underfoot.
  • External Warnings: A well run business will have procedure in place to warn and minimise the risk of slips and trips with wet-floor-signs, floor cleaning products and entrance matting etc as well as slip resistant shoes.

Purchasing safety footwear for the workplace can become a cumbersome task if you let it become one. There are quite a few elements to consider, from the task the user will need them for, how comfortable should they be, satisfying a number of different specialists in the workplace and obviously ensuring that above all else they are completely safe to use. It’s no good buying basic footwear if your workers will be in extreme conditions with extra risks.

We hope this and the previous article has helped you if you are looking to purchase Steelite Safety Boots for your workplace. If you have a specific requirement and you’re still not 100% sure on what you should be buying, give our friendly customer service team a call Wray Bros today on 0151 709 2271. They are always happy to help and will be able to fully advise you on which direction your next steps should take.