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We all need to clean. And we all know that there are countless places in which we can purchase wholesale cleaning products and janitorial supplies. The difference between purchasing from Wray Bros and an alternative retailer is something that matters:

  • Client care
  • Knowledge
  • Inside advice
  • Value-for-Money

The things that will help you choose the right product for you and for your situation time and again. What are the benefits of purchasing your janitorial products through Wray Bros and our online cleaning supplies website?

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Quick & Simple Purchasing Procedure

We are proud of the scope of our wholesale janitorial products and the ease with which any type of cleaning task can be efficiently completed using our methods. Our online store offers customers the chance to quickly search or research high quality Jangro cleaning products and order them with the click of a button. Cleaning can often seem so tiresome, don’t let the buying of cleaning products become just as cumbersome.

Speak to Cleaning Specialists that Care

Without customer service you are nowhere as a business. It is something Wray Bros takes seriously and our staff are all highly knowledgeable about the products we offer and also trained in customer service to ensure that whatever questions you may have, our team is ready to listen and offer honest advice.

No Task is Too Big or Too Small

It doesn’t matter to us whether you wish to speak to us about a single cleaning task or a larger project on a commercial basis. Each client is important to Wray Bros and our team will always take the time to guide you through the cleaning processes we believe suits you and which products will work most effectively.

Buying from and working with Wray Bros for your janitorial supplies is as easy as ABC!

Buying from and working with Wray Bros for your janitorial supplies is as easy as ABC!

Long-Term Cost Effective Solutions

You might be able to pick up inexpensive cleaning products at a normal retail store. We would never lie about that. The problem is will it really do what you want it to? Will it provide value-for-money in terms of cost-in-use? And will it provide the longer term solutions to your cleaning problems? One of the major benefits of Wray Bros is that we offer you tailored advice to your problems, meaning that the products and processes we advise are more likely to glean ever more gleaming results.

Our approach to customer care is second to none. It is difficult to find generic retail stores that offer commercial cleaning products at not only a competitive rate, but also with advice and guidance from members of staff who know what they’re talking about and also care about you. At Wray Bros this is an important aspect of our business and we would like to welcome you to build bridges with us and never have to worry about choosing the right cleaning products. For informed purchasing decisions, prompt, reliable deliveries and great value contact Wray Bros or call 0151 709 2271 today!

An explanation of the cleaning janitorial supplies available to you from the Wray Bros website ready for delivery to your door!

Wholesale Cleaning Chemicals, e.g. Carpet Cleaning Products, Floor Cleaning Chemicals, Floor Polishes, Hard Surface Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Bleach & Disinfectants, Dishwashing Detergents, Kitchen Cleaning chemicals, Laundry Liquids & Washroom Cleaning Chemicals

Commercial Cleaning Machines, e.g. Extraction Machines, Industrial Carpet Cleaners, Pressure Washer, Floor Pads, Rotary Machines, Scrubber Dryers, Industrial Sweepers, Tub Vacuums, Upright Vacuums, Vacuum Bags & Wet and Dry Vacuums

Industrial Janitorial Supplies, e.g. Bin Bags, Litter Pickers, Recycling Bins, General Waste Bins, Kitchen Brushes, Wooden Brush, Scrapers, Squeegees, Trolleys, Dust Sweepers, Entrance Matting, Mopping Equipment & Window cleaning equipment

Kitchen Hygiene products, e.g. Dish Cloths and Tea Towels, Kitchen Cleaning Cloths, Centrefeed Rolls, Kitchen Rolls, Scouring Pads, Cleaning Wipes & Sanitising Wipes

Washroom Supplies, e.g. Hand Towels & Dispensers, Hand Soap & Dispensers, Toilet Rolls & dispensers

Health and Safety Products, e.g. Facial Tissues, First Aid Kits, Hygiene Rolls, Barrier Creams, Hand Sanitisers, Industrial Soap, Industrial Wipes & Safety Signs

Infection Control: janitorial supplies & cleaning methods to help tackle a school outbreak. Part 1

Noroviruses are a group of viruses that can cause gastroenteritis which each year affects more than 600,000 people in the UK.  Norovirus, also called ‘winter vomiting disease’ can cause disruption especially within schools with scores of children and staff suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea when usually a ‘precautionary deep clean’ is carried out.

Many schools and nurseries understand the issue and promote the simplest and most important infection control measure, that being hand washing.  It is widely understood that infections are spread through hands touching children, staff and surfaces such as toilet seats, taps and table tops.

But what actions should be taken within the school premises when an outbreak occurs?  The aim of this blog is to look at the cleaning regimes required during and following a viral outbreak. This guide covers the suggested cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to be used, the cleaning, removal and disposal of body fluids, plus the approach to cleaning during and following the outbreak.

Disposable PPE for school outbreaks of Norovirus including disposable gloves, aprons and overshoes

PPE, janitorial and cleaning supplies used to tackle an outbreak

Suitable Janitorial Supplies: Spray Bottle, Colour-coded Bucket,  Warning Signs,  Carpet Extraction Carpet Cleaner, if applicable,  Wiping Cloths,  Colour-coded Mop,  Bio Hazard kit,  Clinical Waste Bags,  Long-Arm Grippers, if required

Suitable Disposable PPE: Disposable Overall, Disposable Gloves, Protective Shoes (if identified on risk assessment)

Suitable Jangro Cleaning Chemicals: Cleaner Disinfectant, Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner, Medical Sanitiser, Sanitaire, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Odour Neutraliser, Perfumed Toilet Cleaner, Bleach

10 Step Guide to cleaning, removal and disposal of body fluids

Spillages of diarrhoea and vomit should always be attended to as quickly as possible. The premises should have a spillage kit available for use in clearing spills on hard surfaces and floors. Staff should be aware of the contents of the kit and trained in its use and in the proper management of biohazard and body fluid spillages.

Step 1: Always assess the risk of carrying out the required task before you begin.

Step 2: Isolate the affected area, display warning signs.

Step 3: Make sure that all the protective clothing and equipment you require is available (see equipment checklist for details).

Step 4: Sanitise hands and put on the protective clothing before commencing.

Step 5: If applicable, ensure any sharps and other hazardous waste is removed safely.

Step 6: Safely remove body fluid spills with absorbent granules, such as Sanitiaire and a disposable scoop. The area should be cleaned thoroughly, spray all surfaces and equipment with Jangro Cleaner Disinfectant or Jangro Medical Sanitiser.

Step 7: Wipe thoroughly with a disposable wipe or cleaning cloth. Replace cloth with new as soon as contaminated with soiling.  Place all waste including any used cloths and disposable PPE in a clinical waste bag for appropriate disposal.

Step 8: All re-usable items must be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried before being returned to the correct storage area.

Step 9: Thoroughly wash and sanitise your hands on removal of gloves.

Step 10: Remove warning signs when the area is dry.

Note: Report any shortfalls in the bio hazard kit, protective clothing or equipment used for dealing with body fluids to the person responsible for maintaining stock levels.

If the spillage has taken place on a carpet, thoroughly clean the affected area using either Jangro Odour Neutraliser or Micro Clean. If possible use a steam cleaner if appropriate, or a carpet extraction machine. Laundering and steam cleaning at a temperature of 70°C is recommended.

See the next article regarding Infection Control: janitorial supplies & cleaning methods to help tackle a school outbreak. Part 2. This covers the process for cleaning communal areas and washrooms during an outbreak, concluding with a suggested environmental cleaning process to be taken once the outbreak is over.

Need help further help?

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For cleaning supplies to manage outbreaks or just to maintain high standards of hygiene we can offer help and advice on the products to use and how to get the best results from your purchases.


Beyond sawdust: 21st century cleaning for Educational Establishments

Educational establishments from council run schools to privately owned nursery centres need to be kept clean. All areas of a school, university of any educational establishment needs to be free of germs, dirt and any waste at all to guarantee safety for students and staff alike.

Things have come a long way since the days of throwing sawdust down to clean floors and professional contracted cleaners are now used by most educational establishments to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained and all facilities are both spotless and germ-free on a daily basis.

cleaning supplies for educational premises need to cope with tough, challenging work

School Cleaning Guidelines

All educational premises need to be kept clean and well ventilated. All educational facilities should have a documented cleaning policy and dedicated rota to ensure all cleaning is completed. Bathroom and toilet areas need to be cleaned as often as is physically possible and this is especially important when bodily fluid contamination has occurred and there is physical waste to deal with. Regular disinfection is essential for keeping the rest of the school’s population safe and there are a wide range of wholesale cleaning chemicals which are designed with the sole purpose of handling bathroom and washroom waste.

It’s been policy for many years that schools should keep their carpeted areas to a minimum because of the germs which could be living in them. Flat and smooth floor and wall surfaces have a low risk of contamination, germ transfer and are much easier to keep clean from a practical perspective.

Where there are carpets then cleaning staff will need to vacuum at least twice a day and professional carpet cleaning machinery should also be utilised as regularly as is needed.

Chemicals and Equipment

From a safety perspective all chemicals need to be stored and handled in 100% accordance with their manufacturer’s guidelines and their related COSHH information. All chemical and product manufacturers should be able to provide these. Similarly, the staff who work with chemicals need to be fully trained in their correct usage. Even if you contract your cleaning services out you need to be aware of COSHH Regulations and ensure everything is kept as per these guidelines to comply with law.

When it comes to equipment all cleaning products should be treated with care. Experts recommend disposable cleaning cloths which are colour-coded for the environment in which they’ll be used making a distinction between toilet, general and kitchen use for example. In instances where non-disposable cloths are chosen then they must be decontaminated after ever use and washing in a 60? or above machine wash. Mop heads too should ideally be removable and washed at the same temperature.

Cleaning staff should be provided with the necessary PPE to work effectively which could mean gloves, masks and protective footwear dependent upon the chemicals in use.

The cleaning of educational establishments is treated with seriousness due to the danger of children and students becoming ill in unclean learning environments and also the risk of slip or trip falls when floors aren’t kept spotless. We’ve come a long way from the days of cleaning floors with sawdust and the range of chemicals and equipment available today guarantees a cleaner, safer educational establishment for all.

Further reading

Read our article: Supply of cleaning & janitorial supplies to Schools, Colleges and Universities that covers why educational premises are different from other managed premises, how safer products help with a safer environment and the importance of identifying true value-for-money.

Understanding COSHH and its impact on your business

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) is a UK law which requires all employers to control any substances on their premises which are hazardous to health. To comply with the COSHH guidelines you need to prevent or limit your workforce’s exposure to hazardous substance by:

  • Finding out and understanding what health hazards are
  • Carrying out risk assessments to prevent harm to health
  • Putting control measures in place to reduce harm and ensuring these measures are practised
  • Monitoring and ensuring all measures are in good working order
  • Providing a full range of information, instructions and training for your employees
  • Planning for emergency situations

Many businesses aren’t aware that they need to comply with COSHH but it applies to a wide range of substances some of which are bound to be used in your industry.

A structure to manage and understand the role COSHH plays in your buiness

Substances Hazardous to Health

COSHH covers a wide range of substances hazardous to health and they can take many forms including chemicals, products which contain chemicals, fumes, dust, vapours, nanotechnologies, gases, biological agents such as germs and germs that can cause diseases such as legionnaires.

Planning your COSHH Assessment

Before carrying out your COSHH assessment you need to ask yourself some questions:

  • What do you do that involves hazardous substances? It could be cleaning chemicals or other types of chemicals used in laboratories amongst other things.
  • How can the chemicals in your workplace cause harm?
  • How can you reduce the risk of that harm occurring?

The first rule of thumb is to attempt to stop exposure at its source. For example you should try and use the hazardous substance in the safest possible way – use it in a water-based form rather than solvent if possible. Similarly, if you can substitute a marked hazardous substance for something safer then that would be recommended too. If this isn’t possible then you need to think about control measures.

Controlling measures can be the installation of safety equipment or the wearing of PPE. Controls are designed to ensure there is a minimal chance of the hazardous substance coming into contact with your employees in any way.

Further controls include ensuring all chemicals on your premises are correctly labelled and stored according to instructions. Wholesale cleaning chemicals should come with safety data sheets (MSDS) for use with your COSHH manuals or instructions which should too be stored in a place where all employees can access them. Additional COSHH Awareness Training is also valuable for industries where regular contact with hazardous substances is part of the job.

In emergency situations and in the case of a compensation claim you need to have as much evidence as possible to indicate you were following COSHH guidelines provided by all chemicals and all your staff are adequately trained in understanding it.

Taking COSHH seriously is important for your business’ success. Even if the only hazardous substances in your business are cleaning chemicals used once a week they need to be stored properly and have the relevant documentation to hand. If you don’t have an adequate understanding of COSHH then investing in training would be advisable.

Need help further help with COSHH?

Whether you buy Jangro cleaning supplies and need Jangro MSDS or use branded cleaning chemicals Wray Bros can help with editable COSHH Risk Assessment templates that may prove useful to help you meet your health and safety obligations.

Why Professional Cleaning Services are a Wise Investment

Nearly every business requires a janitorial cleaning service of some kind. Cleaning is something that needs to be done whether you have clients visiting your site or not.

Employees may not be able to work productively if not and if you rely on your staff to physically clean the premises then they won’t be getting their actual jobs done. Similarly an unclean or untidy workplace is liable to result in slip and trip injuries and your employees and clients raising compensation claims against you.

Quality janitorial supplies make for an efficient cleaning service

Janitorial services solve this problem as you can outsource your cleaning to professionals who are dedicated to the industry and know what works. Below are some further points which highlight why professional janitorial services are a wise investment for your business.

Professional Opinion and Expertise

It is very unlikely, unless you’re in the cleaning industry, that you’ll know what level of cleaning your premises needs and also what type of products are needed to keep it in the best possible condition. Cleaning service professionals are dedicated to their industry and experts in their fields – most companies will offer you a full consultation and quotation based upon a survey of your needs. They can guarantee the correct cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals are supplied and that your facilities are kept in the condition needed to impress your clients and keep your employees motivated.

Make a Good Impression

If customers or clients do enter your premises then have a visible janitorial presence gives them visual confirmation that your site is clean and looked after. Cleaners on site reassure your customers that the whole site is looked after properly and this will translate into and effect their impression of your business as a whole. Caring about how your business looks will show your clients that you care about them too.

Respect your Employees’ Health

Germs can be a worry and in a collaborative workplace there are enough of them in the air so the last thing you need is them spreading into the carpets and surfaces. A clean working environment means less chance of germs spreading and hopefully less sick days from your workforce as a whole. Productivity is significantly effected even if just one employee is off ill so imagine the problems there’d be if more were off simply due to an unhygienic, germ-ridden business premises. Professional janitorial service providers know how to handle and destroy germs and their remnants using commercial quality chemicals and equipment.

Keep your Business Running Smoothly

Employing professional janitors will allow your business to run more efficiently. Remove the unnecessary stresses such as cleaning rotas from your life and outsource it. Professional cleaners are experts as we’ve said and they know how to ensure your premises look their best. Let them handle all your cleaning needs and focus your efforts on where your talents lie. Your time is valuable and you need to use it wisely. Cleaners will keep your business ticking along, your employees motivated by their clean environment and your clients impressed by the smart, professional surroundings.

Quality Cleaning Services use Quality Cleaning Supplies

When talking to potential cleaning services companies in order to find a reputable company it is worth spending a bit of time discussing the cleaning chemicals and janitorial equipment used.  As what they use directly influences how efficiently cleaning staff can work; choosing inappropriate or inefficient equipment will have an adverse effect on their efficiency.

Spend time to understand the level of competence of the staff employed to undertake the cleaning.  It is important that they have the knowledge to properly identify the correct product to use on any given surface, that they have an understanding of why the product cleans, how the product can be applied, how the surface being cleaned can be affected and the standard that can be achieved.

A trustworthy cleaning services business will use quality cleaning supplies which are designed to make the majority of cleaning tasks simpler and time efficient, whilst reducing any potential risk to the user.

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